SDHC Preserve - Woods Valley Ranch Biological Open Space

August 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The team at the San Diego Habitat Conservancy began management of a site just north of Escondido in Valley Center, next to the Woods Valley Golf Course, in February 2009. Officially known as the Woods Valley Ranch Biological Open Space Preserve, it represents a very large component in the regional corridor lying along Moosa Creek.This preserve was required to be set aside as mitigation for the golf course construction and was to be revegetated with oak riparian and open water habitats. It consists of 116 acres, with an approximate 40 acres having a steep, predominantly southwest facing slope on the north side of Moosa Creek.It is a beautiful image to behold. With 51 acres of Diegan coastal scrub sage, 44 acres of live oak forest, 13 acres of southern riparian forest, and 4 acres of live oak woodland, one can easily get lost in its serenity.The SDHC conducts quarterly monitoring to plan remedial measures and document changes in the habitat composition. The team also conducts an annual outreach with the Woods Valley Ranch Home Owner’s Association to keep the HOA informed of changes and the general health of the ecosystem.


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